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When Earth Spoke Up - Part 2

A few of my experiences in practicing the exercises: During the process of taking the dictation which became this book, I had so many rich and varied experiences, especially when doing the exercises which are given to us by Earth

and WE.

There are a few vignettes that I like to share since sometimes these are useful as a frame of reference to readers who work with this text: The first time I did the first exercise, in Chapter 2, it was one day after a major earthquake had occurred half-way around the world from where I was. As I did the exercise, I felt anxiety, anxiousness, and a residual shaking coming up from the Earth. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining that sensation or if I was actually sensing Earth’s pulse.

Promptly Earth interjected in my thoughts “Yes, that is correct; big change unsettles me too.”

That response was a wonderful experience for me to learn how Earth readily engages in communication with us; her consciousness and expression is ever-present.

A few days later when I did the exercise I felt uneasiness coming up; still, later, I felt a great energetic gulf opening; ten days after the earthquake I felt a calm, similar to what we experience after tension has been released from one’s body; much more at peace. This showed me how the Earth’s currents and vibrations are so fluid, always changing, as are our own.

Others who have done this exercise shared with me that they did not necessarily feel a current or words as I had; some heard a musical rhythm or a drumming sensation in their mind’s ear; others have experienced colors or waves. We’ll each have our own personal experiences. Sometimes we may not sense anything at all. But I came to realize the whole point of this exercise is to get us turning our awareness to Earth.

As you’ve probably noted, many of the exercises provided in the text seem so simple and uncomplicated. After I took the dictation for Exercise Nine, for example, I felt that something

had to be missing; the exercise seemed too simplistic. Making a few connections and then ‘being silent and utterly open for a moment’ did not seem at all complete to me; I assumed there

had to be more to this healing exercise. I was thinking I should go back and ask about this, ask for fuller detail on exactly what one was supposed to do during this particular exercise. There

had to be more to it. Then it occurred to me to just try it before asking any more questions.

Here is what happened the first time I did this exercise; your experience will be unique to

you, of course. Just as your conversations differ with different friends, when you link with the people, animals, or trees you select for this exercise, you’ll have a different experience and


That first time I did this exercise, I connected in my heart and mind with a sister in Minnesota, a cousin in Sweden, and a mulberry tree I know in Ohio. I felt these links, and then I was just open. In a moment, I felt a flash of golden light flow down to me and branch out to the others, and then move on from there. I did not see exactly where it went beyond them, but I know it was moving. The general sense was that the light flowed into me as though I were the trunk of a tree, and then the light branched down to the others whom I had linked with as if they were the tree roots. It then moved past them, branching down into more roots as the light made its way into the Earth body. All of this transpired in less than a minute and was complete.

As it finished, I received these words about it from WE:

“It is as this because you are all one.”

In Exercise Nine, also, there’s a footnote I’d like to add where Earth makes a passing reference to ‘cosmograms.’ I realize many readers may not be familiar with this term, so I’d like to provide a general description here, in case you wish to explore that further. Cosmograms are stone formations which are created to support a partnership between humanity and the Earth, and for linking the consciousness of the many other dimensions of life on and within the Earth. Cosmograms can be patterns, such as mandalas, carved into rocks, or can be rocks that are placed in a purposeful pattern in a particular locale, or a combination of both.

There are so many types of cosmograms; Stonehenge and ancient standing rock circles which are found around the world are but one type of example. There are numerous Balance Rocks, including ones in Manhattan’s Central Park, Chiricahua Arizona USA, Yorkshire UK, Finland, India, and many other places that are defined as ‘odd glacial formations’ or ‘glacial erratics’, but which are in reality cosmograms carrying a specific vibration for the planet or for societies here.

In our present time, standing stone circles of cosmograms have been created at key points throughout the world by groups of people who are now working co-creatively with Earth Consciousness. Some of these new cosmogram circles, also known as geopuncture circles, are located in Tamara, Portugal; Klagenfurt Austria; Louisville Kentucky USA; Canary Islands; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Toronto, Canada and a number of other places around the world.

After I had finished a dictation session one night, my eyes were bothering me; they had been bothering me off and on for a while. I thought I really should find a good eye doctor. Then

I remembered to ask the Universe for help, so I asked God and the angelic realm to help me find a good eye doctor. I had just made the request and figured I’d leave it at that when abruptly

WE instructed me:

“Your healing comes from your Inner Source. The Source for healing yourself and your planetary being is You.”

Such an amazing and eye-opening statement! The instant it was relayed to me. I knew it was also a principle that applied to each one of us. In essence, that is what this book shows

us; how we each can work with Earth as individuals to help correct the imbalances and bring renewed health to all of nature, including ourselves.

In closing, I’ll share these words from WE, which came to me after I had completed taking the dictation of Chapter 14; these words, too, were meant for us all:

“May many blessings flow to your Mother Earth, and to all of you.”

As this prayer came, I sensed the Earth feeling filled with gratitude, and so am I.

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Greetings from Ireland! Thank you so much for this wonderful inspiration.!

I am a textile artist who has a passion for nature especially trees. I make beautiful silk scarves that are eco printed using leaves and tree bark without the use of added chemicals. Your story has really resonated with me because over the past few months I have had almost been brow beaten to imbue my scarves with the spirit of the trees. I am so convinced about this but reluctant as people might think I am crazy but you have restored to me the intuitive urging.

I am really looking forward to getting your book. Thank you Máiréad Cairbre

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