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Plants, Snakes, Horses, are speaking up too!

Seeing Everything Differentlyis the title of the last chapter in Earth Speaks Up. Below are a few sentences the Angelic Realm gave us in that chapter (it’ll shed some light on some brand new info I’ve got to share with you!)

You need to see everything around you differently to become fully aware of it all. This will enable you to know this planet, your world, and your life, in a more expansive way and to radiate the Love which has always sought to move itself through you into the world. Your knowing creates an opening.

So, with that in mind, read on. Other beings on our planet are speaking up too, to expand our perceptions and show us how to see them differently. I was intrigued by this recent information which came from particular plants, reptiles, and also horses, and eager to share it with you as well!

- Mary McNerney

Author: Earth Speaks Up

Grasses spoke up:

Grasses are about Heart. We encircle and embrace the Earth with love.

But Humansperception has restricted and limited what grasses can do in the world; grasses simply become the down-trodden, to be stepped on, nothing more. Change the perception, open it, and a new partnership, a new togetherness, unfolds.”

Another time, I was surprised when Snakes came forward to me to speak because, like most people, I didn’t have a particular affinity for snakes. But what the Snake had to say completely changed my perception:

We wish to be seen for who we are. We are the Goddess energy in motion.

We are from the heaven energy, on Earth.

We came to Earth to be way-showers, to be guides, but that was lost. What we truly are became frozen in misperception, our role stymied.

As the snake consciousness gave me this information, I felt great love for it. Then I also felt distrust, and I saw that distrust was the old societal perception. I realized that perception has been held worldwide for a very long time. I wondered why. Then I was made aware that it all stems from the Adam & Eve story, a story which did a real disservice to the snake. When I recognized this, I could easily instead feel love for snakes. And I was aware that as each one person changes our perception, that is liberating for snakes.

Snakes then had more to say to people:

Please know that we have never been seen for who we are. This became a stumbling block for all consciousness. The time for liberation of the snake is now. Allow this to unfold through you, through your awareness and acknowledgement of who we are. This then creates an opening for all of Consciousness to shift, the multitude which is One.

Horses have always had lots of information to convey - I have hundreds of pages of dictation and teaching from them! Here is one small but important vignette:

Horses are beings of wisdom. Carriers of wisdom.

As long as one's focus is on 'how can I get this horse to do my bidding,' 'how can I train this horse to do as I want,' you repress that wisdom.

Your question should be, 'how can I open myself to receive the wisdom that the horse has to give to me?

Horse Consciousness is of the highest echelon.

What you see as Horse Consciousness is actually a saintly being expressing itself through the dominion of the Horse.”

And then came a message about our selves:

I am ready to dispose of all preconceptions of what it means to be human."

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