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When Earth Spoke Up - Part 1

How It Began:

It’s an ordinary day. The sun wanders in and out of the clouds; the air feels fresh with impending Spring. I don’t have to work that day I forget why now. I work as a corporate lawyer; usually,

my workdays are a crush of phone calls, e-mails, paperwork,and frustration. But today is free... I am thinking about taking my horse out for a ride or rounding up my husband, Steve, and

our big black dog Q for a walk on the trails. I can always do some yard work too, but my mind doesn’t linger long on that idea. !ese thoughts wander through my mind, and as I gaze out the window, I happen to say aloud to myself ‘Well, what should I do today?’

That’s when the ordinary day becomes an extraordinary day.

“Take Dictation from the Earth.”

I pivot in surprise. And I think now, in retrospect, it’s at this moment that my whole life begins to pivot too. There is no one there speaking these words; I somehow know immediately that it is from the angelic realm. I stand there for some moments, pondering what had just happened. That’s a profound idea, I thought. Unquestionably, though, it is something more suited to the illustrious and knowledgeable spiritual people of our time. I, on the other hand, am a lawyer ensconced in mundane matters of business logistics. I had no idea what to do with this. So, I just ended up letting those distinct, profound words settle in the back of my mind. Eventually, I fairly well forgot the whole concept.

As that Spring and Summer started slipping into Fall, my workday was quiet; or maybe it was a weekend, I don’t recall now. But I do remember looking out the window and casually thinking: ‘hmmm...what should I do today?’ Out of the blue, succinctly and clearly, I was told: “Take

Dictation from the Earth.”

And nothing was ordinary anymore.

What I did then was to take pen and paper in hand and head outside to sit on a stone on the edge of the woods in our backyard. I had no idea what to do. So, I just sat there. Then all of a sudden, the dictation started coming; it was hard for my pen, hand, and mind to keep up with it. Over the ensuing months and years, I did this periodically and came to learn how the lines between our physical world and the non-physical or angelic realm are so very thin.

It’s difficult to describe what this process of “Taking Dictation from the Earth” is really like. Each time I settle in to take the dictation, there are some moments of complete stillness where I hear nothing. I believe this stillness serves a purpose though; it’s in these moments that the frequencies between me, the Earth, and the angelic realm start to shift. Within that stillness, energies emerge that enable us to connect verbally.

Initially, the dictation started in a rush; it was almost overwhelming. !e words mowed so quickly I had to hurry to take it all down. Sometimes I’d get stuck trying to analyze it or figure it out, and that just became a roadblock to the process of receiving the information. At one point, with worries hovering in my mind about whether I was getting all the words and information correctly, WE interrupted my worrying: “Do not worry about how the words disconnect or connect, Mary, only listen to and transcribe the stream of higher and collective consciousness as it enters your stream.”

Once I became accustomed to taking the dictation, it did become easier, and it actually seemed natural, rather than something so foreign. All of this, though, seemed to beg the question, ‘Why me?’ That puzzled me for the longest time. Eventually, it occurred to me to ask the angelic speakers. Their answer was completely practical “Because you can, and you are willing.”

I was surprised because I had never perceived myself in that way at all.

I grew up on a beautiful farm in Ohio, a place I deeply loved. I suppose that gave me a natural closeness with nature, animals, and the Earth. Subsequently, though, I followed the traditional track, going off to college at Bucknell University, and on to law school at Georgetown University; becoming settled in a career in corporate law and international business.

As the experience of taking dictation from the Earth unfolded, however, it set me on a different course. Ultimately, all of this pushed me in another direction, away from a standard profession as a corporate lawyer and into a space where Earth Speaks Up could come forth.

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