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Join Together With Us to Benefit Earth!

We are creating a group to join together telepathically to regularly do some of the exercises Earth and the Angelic Realm have given to us in Earth Speaks Up.

Paul, from Manchester England, was inspired to create a worldwide group to specifically do Exercises 5 & 6 in Earth Speaks Up. These are the two exercises where Earth suggests that we link with others, rather than simply doing the exercises individually. I think Paul’s idea is wonderful, and some of us have already started working together in this way. Here is his invite to you, and the proposed framework:

I invite our community to come together in unison to aid Mother Earth and welcome in the energies of love and creativity and imagination from the cosmos to the earth. To do this we can use two practices in the book, Earth Speaks Up:

Exercise 5: I invite that we agree to do this once a week, to keep the flow or strengthen the flow pouring in to earth. Do this in your own time frame and know that you can link telepathically to members of this circle (who have agreed). So there will be an existing real energy flow that you can connect to energetically.

Exercise 6: I suggest we all agree to do this every Sunday at 8:00 pm; those of us in UK will be doing it at 8pm GMT, but you may instead choose to do it at 8pm in your own local time zone - this will keep the current circulating around the world, as we each hand off telepathically to those in following time zones

Thank you kindly and may you receive many blessings

- Paul

-and I echo Paul’s sentiments! - Mary

As you begin doing this exercise and your neighbor does and the many people who are now reading these words do, the effect on the divine current within all of you is magnified

- WE, Earth Speaks Up

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