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Dynamic New Perspectives on the World Around Us

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Incredible Rock Formations :

I was out walking in the woods, and as I rounded a curve on the trail I was startled to see this giant rock formation!

This is huge, easily 25’ tall, with an enormous boulder uncannily balanced on a small one. The whole thing is both amazing and mysterious. Have you ever seen or wondered about strange rock formations like this too?

These rock formations are actually billboards for us; they capture our attention so we can know to pay attention - there’s something here for us to know more about.

Often, rocks like this one are simply categorized as ‘glacial erratics’ and then dismissed. But when we do that, we’re entirely missing the message on this ‘billboard’. For you see, rocks and rock formations are much, much more than we’ve traditionally perceived. And, the wonderful thing is, we can learn to attune to rocks like this one so we can know their purpose and message...nd that’s what this blog is all about, right? - “Learning Dynamic New Perpsectives on Everything Around Us!”

So join in with me as I take you on my journey of attuning to this unusual rock formation and learning what it has to convey to us. Let’s begin, by placing our hands on the rock and by bringing our awareness and intention into it, we can open a doorway between ourselves and that rock’s energetic presence.

I’ve been doing this for a long time, so with that practice it’s become easier for me to connect with the vitality within rock formations and learn what each one is about. The more you do this too, the easier it will be for you to connect in with a rock’s purpose and message -- I guarantee you, we all have the innate capability to do this!

My connection with this particular rock formation was not instantaneous though; I had to walk around it, mull around, find my way in to connection. My sense was that the doorway for humanity to this rock’s consciousness had been unused for a really long time. Then I felt sort of a ‘heaviness’; a burden; it feels like the rock is enshrouded. I don’t get much information from it; it’s hard for me to get past that cloak of heaviness.

I’m not sure what to do, so I step back for awhile and then try again to connect.

This time, I can pick up on more of the energetic flow, ‘the vibe’, coming forth from the rock - I’m a bit surprised at the change. Maybe the deeper purpose of this rock formation had been disregarded by humanity for so long, it just needed to be awakened to me by an initial attunement? I don’t know. I’m guessing, though, that ages ago early Native Americans may have worked together with it’s energetic currents and purpose, but the connection between human conciousness and this rock’s consciousness has been closed for a very long time.

I’m reflecting on all of this when, all of a sudden Whoosh! The information comes forth from the rock in a burst: I am an anchor in a line of cosmic energy which moves through multiple dimensions and radiates into and through a line of rock formations to nourish the Earth.

This is a line of energy which people can attune their minds to and begin to work with; it will open you up to new dimensions of consciousness which have been held in check, supressed. I am an anchor of that.

I’m intrigued! For sure, there’s a lot more to be learned here, and it makes me feel these are all aspects of our world which need to be talked about and shared and explored! So don’t hesitate dive into your own new experiences with rocks, especially when you see ‘billboards’ like this formation. They have something for us all to know and I’d love it if you’ll share your experience with me too! What you sense or learn can be quite different and unique, but it’s all like pieces of a puzzle we can all put together.

An end note:

If you’d like a little more guidance on how you can begin your own process of connecting to the consciousness and vitality within rocks, there are some ‘how-to’ exercises in my book, Earth Speaks Up; in particular, exercises 7 and 8 may be helpful for you. As you saw from my little journey here, I tend to get information in words; when you do this you’ll have your own personal experience; you may feel a pulse or vibrations, see colors in your mind’s eye, sense a rhythm or an emotion or words, sometimes simply a quiet. It may always be changing too - this is always an exploration!

For more about the book Earth Speaks Up and what it has to offer you,

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